Monday, May 12, 2008

Pornographic Mainstream Media

Rachael Ray
sexually posing for
FHM mens magazine.

Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef

Calvin Klein Advertisement

Scene from television

Flavor Flav: Interview on
Playboy's Dirty Dozen

Pornography can be found anywhere; in your bedroom, in your neighbors bedroom, in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, and in the mainstream media that we see everyday.

Artifacts #1 and #2 are both images of how the Food Network and other self proclaimed food connoisseurs incorporate sex and pornography into their content. Artifact #1 consists of images of Rachael Ray posing in pornographically yet playful poses for FHM men’s magazine. This famous cook and television personality is shown here in a much different way than she is usually shown. Artifact #2 is a book titled The Return of the Naked Chef by the sexy young Naked Chef himself, Jamie Oliver. Oliver’s nickname was originally referring to his recipes/food and had nothing to do with nudity but as time went on it was easy to see that calling this young hunk the Naked Chef sure brought in more viewers in hopes of getting a glimpse of sexy skin. According to Frederick Kaufman’s article Debbie Does Salad: The Food Network at the Frontiers of Pornography, there are two types of pornography: sex porn and gastroporn. Gastroporn refers to porn within food which similar to sex porn it “addresses the most basic human needs and functions, idealizing and degrading them at the same time.” The Food Network and other food driven media use gastroporn to entice and tease their audience without ever really teaching much about the food itself.

Artifact #3 is a Calvin Klein advertisement where the model is shown milking a cow by hand and as the milk squirts her face it resembles the classic “money shot” in pornography videos. It is not clear in the photo what the designer is trying to sell (shoes, handbag, jacket, lipstick, perfume, etc) but it is clear that this is an obvious representation of pornography placed in mainstream media magazines and internet ads. Not only is the money shot of milk hitting the models face, she is suggesting that she is enjoying it though her use of seductive facial expression and her use of her tongue to catch the squirting/dripping white substance (milk or semen).

Artifact #4 is a video clip from the television show “Weeds”. In this clip Andy is turned down then seduced by a sexy woman who uses him as her sex object. Her aggressive sexual acts towards Andy seem like something straight out of a pornography movie including sex toys and dominatrix innuendos. The show is shown on Showtime which is mainstream media and they do give a warning stating “ADULT CONTENT, GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, BRIEF NUDITY, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED”. This warning might be helpful for adults to know if this subject matter is appropriate for younger people yet it doesn’t exactly include “PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL” in their warning.

Artifact #5 is a video clip of rap artist Flavor Flav being interviewed on Playboy’s Dirty Dozen which is an interview show which they identify as their “12-question celebrity sexamination”. Although these interviews are posted on Playboy’s website and there is a warning about sexual content there is no stopping minors form accessing these interviews on the site. Along with getting access to these sexual interviews on Playboy’s website these interviews are easily found on sites such as YouTube which anyone can gain access to. Playboy’s celebrity sexamination’s are filled with pornographic material (language) that can be found in our mainstream media.


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